CNN Host Piers Morgan vs Ex-fastest Bowler Brett Lee!

The stunt between CNN Host Piers Morgan vs Ex-fastest bowler Brett Lee! Result: A Broken Rib.

After an accepted challenge, CNN host Piers Morgan brutally assaulted by Brett Lee leaving a broken rib. The ex-fastest bowler of the world challenged Morgan to face his deliveries and the challenge was accepted by the talk show host during the Ashes series.

The encounter happened on 27th December, 2013 in the nets during the tea break on day two of the fourth Test of Ashes.

Piers Morgan vs Brett LeePiers, faced 6 balls bravely but the former fast bowler didn’t go easy on 48 years old who was hit four times on the body- more like jumped to the pitched ball out of physical fear.

Morgan accepted that it was the most exciting 10 minutes of his life. On December 30th he revealed about a fractured rib in a tweet with a picture of an x-ray.

However Piers was lucky as it was only a rib and there are no hard feelings between the two after the stunt.

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