Write For Us

If you are a cricket lover, and get bored of listening to others and looking at their point of views, this is a good opportunity for you. Write for us! Writing an article at Fab Pretty Cricket is not only a great way to ‘be in touch’, but it is a great way to live in the cricket world. The cricket world is waiting to hear what you have got to say. Before discuss about what you can write, let’s see what you can’t write.

What type of articles you cannot write?

  • Anything illegal or violate someone’s privacy.
  • Spam contents.
  • Anything related to ‘Live streaming cricket’, streaming sources or anything similar.

So what type of articles you can write?

  • Cricket News.
  • Cricket Gossips.
  • Cricket videos.
  • About cricket series and matches.
  • And absolutely anything related to cricket as long as it does agree to the contents on ‘What type of articles you cannot write?’ section.

Conditions of writing

Well there are few but important things you should keep in your mind when writing for us. We suggest you to follow these 07 rules when writing your article.

#01. Language

The article must be written in English.

#02. On-topic

Your article must be detailed and on-topic. Contents must be related to the title and must be specific to the title.

#03. Unique

Please provide us with an original article. Do not contain fully or partially duplicated or copied contents. It must be unique. If you use contents from another site or resource, please be sure to cite it in the ‘Resources’ section of your post. If you embed any images or videos please make sure, that you have the right to use that either use free stock photo or video, if not give credit to the author in the resources section of your post.

Of course you can promote your THINGS. If you are promoting something your own, try to avoid using promotional language. DO NOT just paste same contents you write for something else. You can promote the something by writing a unique article about it. Be creative and be sure to include relevant photos and videos or any other media contents to promote the article. The post you submit should not be published on any other website. At least you cannot use exact same words.

#04. Clean

Fab Pretty Cricket does not tolerate spam. So do not post spams. Contents or links should not include or directed to sex, porn, drugs, gambling, hate, slanderous or any illegal contents. Do not post offensive language, unlawful statements, impolite or disrespectful messages on our site. And do not use abusive or offensive language.

Contents must be free from spelling or grammar errors.

You can include up to 02 external links withing your article body. But please DO NOT include affiliate links.

#05. Useful

Your article must be useful to the readers.

#06. Responsible

You must hold the responsibility for your article. We are not responsible for the postings made by anyone to our site.

#07. Experience

It’s better if you have previous experience of writing. It’s an advantage. But do not hesitate if you are a newbie and this is your first step. We will not reject your article, if it follows previously mentioned rules.

What you have in it?

Well, other than pride of yourself and pleasure, you can add a link back to your site or to anything which is suitable for any audience. And you will be promoted as the author of the article with valid Google authorship markups.

How do you do it?

First of all please read this page carefully from the beginning to the end. Specially Conditions of writing and Conditions of publishing sections and understand them. Then follow these steps:

Step #01: Please download this template: Fab Pretty Cricket Guest Post Template. It is a MS Word 97-2003 Document (.doc) template.

Step #02: Follow the guild-lines and write a content rich article with pictures and videos. Embed your media contents in it or add a link to them as required.

Step #03: Save your article in .doc or .docx format.

Step #04: Compose a new email with the subject “Guest Post for Fab Pretty Cricket“. Attach you document (Fab-Pretty-Cricket-Guest-Post-Template.doc) and all media contents (videosimages, etc…) to an email and send it to guest@fabpretty.com (Add this email address to your contact list – we may want to contact you again.)

We will review your article and approve it, if it stands our conditions. Or we will guild you through necessary changes.

After published

You should be able to keep in touch with our readers and should be willing to respond to comments. And you can promote your post by sharing it on your social networking sites.

Conditions of publishing

Even though you are the author of the article, it become one of our properties. It means we reserve the right to edit, revise or simply not post at our discretion. And remember, we have the right to reproduce your article/post, disclose it, transmit it, publish it, broadcast it, and/or post it somewhere else. In addition, we reserve the right to use anything you post any in manner we choose, including developing, manufacturing, providing, and marketing products and services, based on information you have posted. Also, we are not responsible for the postings made by you or any other to our site. We reserve the right to remove any content for any reason whatsoever.

By sending a guest post, you agree to all terms/conditions and have read everything posted in this page and our privacy policy.